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Technology Assignment Agreement

Attribution agreements for startups are a necessity. An agreement on the transfer of intellectual property is an important legal document that investors look for when deciding whether you should be funded. 1. Assignment. The promoter presents to the company, exclusively and worldwide, all rights, titles and interests (existing or not) of (a) the purpose mentioned in Appendix A (the “technology”), b) all precursors, parts and works relating to these inventions and all inventions, works of mascara, technology, information, know-how, materials and tools related to development or development , and c) all copyrights, patent rights, trade secrets, trademark rights, mask protection rights, sui generis database rights and all other intellectual and industrial property rights of any kind, as well as all commercial rights, contractual rights, means of action and goodwill in, integrated or embodied , used to develop or be linked to one of the above (“intellectual property”). To the extent that existing legislation permits, this section 1 includes all paternity, integrity, disclosure and revocation rights, as well as all other rights that are known or may be characterized as “moral rights, artists, moral or legal rights” (together”moral rights”). To the extent that the developer retains the moral rights under the current legislation, the developer hereby ratifies and accepts and gives all necessary ratifications and approvals to any action that may be taken by the company or authorized by the company with respect to these moral rights, and the developer undertakes not to assert any moral rights in this regard. The developer will confirm such ratification, approval or approval from time to time, as requested by the company. The transfer of intellectual property. This section describes the transfer and decrease in intellectual property.

If the agent agrees to transfer the intellectual property for a consideration, either in the form of cash, equity or royalties, the consideration must be clearly stated in the agreement.