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Dese Enterprise Agreement

For more information, see www.dese.gov.au/graduate-program. We will also make regular updates on our Facebook page. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. Internet: www.dese.gov.au/graduate-and-entry-level-programs The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who negotiate with their “New Approaches” program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Labour Commission website. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However, the 10-month program runs from February to December and is based at our national office site in Canberra. The program offers several career paths, including Legal, Corporate (Finance and Human Resources), ICT, Data, Economics and Generalist. For more information on career paths, visit the department`s website www.dese.gov.au/graduate-and-entry-level-programs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network – All Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders staff are cordially invited to participate in the Strait Islander Network. The network provides an important mechanism for Aboriginal employees and Torres Strait Islanders to support each other, exchange information and experiences.

It is also an opportunity to provide guidance and support to other members by encouraging peer support and mentoring, which supports the career development of Aboriginal staff and the Torres Strait Islander. The coolest thing about my job is that the coolest thing about my job is that I work so closely with people who have a rich know-how. Everyone in the department brings their own skills and knowledge to the different teams. My supervisor is no exception to the rule and constantly allows me to be exposed to a number of different jobs to ensure that there are no two days of equal work. . If you are interested in working in the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, it is helpful to understand when they have opened applications for their graduate programs, diplomas and internships, so you know when to apply. Use the information below to see when the Ministry of Education, Qualifications and Employment hires graduates, but more importantly, what attributes for graduates and other students they are targeting for their work. . 2 tips for yourself if you`ve been on the job hunt… .

The department needs time to promote diversity and inclusion by celebrating important days. These days are jointly supported by our networks of collaborators and the co-champions of diversity. . Co-champions pride are the senior defender of desE for an inclusive, diverse and safe workplace for all our human beings, regardless of gender, sexuality or gender identity. In collaboration with the Pride Network, they raise awareness and promote initiatives that promote LGBTI diversity and inclusion within the department. Favourite city in Canberra: Namadgi National Park/Murrumbidgee River . We are trying to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the Australian community and recognizes the important knowledge and skills of the Aboriginal peoples and peoples of the Islander Torres Strait that we bring to our work. Attracting, developing and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff is a priority for the department.

. DESE applies the RecruitAbility program as part of the department`s recruitment process. This GSP-wide action supports the employment of people with disabilities.