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Celebrity Personal Appearance Agreement

At least two business days before the appearance, the sponsor ensures that the appropriate equipment is provided as follows: _______Die cancellation clause generally applies to both parties – it sets certain dates before the event where you or the celebrity can cancel without penalty. Here too, it should be noted that the conditions will promote fame. For example, you must cancel the celebrity 90 days in advance if you want to cancel your appearance at your event; If you do not, this clause gives them the right to demand the full amount you would pay. And even if you do, most cancellation clauses will allow the celebrity to keep the deposit you gave them. Description The agreement is generic in that it does not relate to a particular sector or event. However, it can be easily customized for any type of personal appearance. This model allows for variables and defines certain obligations of both parties. The proposal also contains a clause of jurisdiction and English law. Using this document is simple – just delete the capitalized words surrounded by hooks and add your own information instead. To make sure all hooks are removed, look for `[`. The main features of this document are: > ideas for comprehensive regulations; > clean the automatic clause formatting and reference; > be easily tailored to the specific needs of one or both parties; > Suitable for any type of personal appearance; > appropriate legislation, including the breach and termination of the contract.

The document also contains provisions on: > obligations of the parties; > terms of payment; > detailed definitions of the terms used in the document; > protection of intellectual property rights and conditions; > housing, transportation and security; > non-performance; > confidentiality; > resign. The reproduction clause is an example; In essence, it prohibits anyone (either you or a third party) from recording the appearance of the celebrity for the subsequent sale of the video. And it makes sense from a celebrity`s point of view: to protect their brand and maximize their merit potential, they must be able to control all materials that use their image (where the Control Authority clause usually comes into play). As with any boilerplate language in a contract, it is possible to negotiate on this point, but it would usually be a percentage of the celebrity money you make from selling the recording of their appearance (and would still need their consent before publishing the recording).