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Experiments with WebGL cont’d – 3D Population

Below is one of many experiments with DeckGL / other WebGL libraries.

I’m really loving how simply and quickly hexagonal pipes are rendered by DeckGL (among the other features available).

When combined with interesting data, these libraries are working a treat in making engaging, high resolution web visualisations for use on giant touchscreens.

If you’re interested in developing similar, see here.

See fullscreen version here.


Live transport performance dashboards – a light example

Sydney bus performance dashboard

This shows an up-to-date overview of the current performance of the bus network in Sydney, queried every 15 minutes from the Transport for NSW Vehicles API. .

The infrastructure behind this is quite simple and powerful, and you can learn 90% of it through this tutorial.

Possible extensions
> Integrate real vs scheduled time
> Historic performance / animations throughout the day

> See the buses in the most congested traffic routes
> Query individual bus routes
> Analyse the occupancy of the bus network
> Scroll into individual areas to see changes in average km/h speed
> Summarise one of the above variables for the area within field of view
> Screenshot / compare different times of day
> Select one variable (such as ‘Standing Only’) and see the routes ranked by their count of this variable

Bus performance (last 15 minutes)