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This is my personal research and project blog, where I seek to share advances in urban planning thinking through both rapidly emerging data science and visualisation techniques. I share code, tutorials, conference material and, occasionally, words. Topics range from transport,  computational geography, accessibility, mapping, modelling and making. Welcome, and enjoy!

Recent Updates:

August 2019 – presenting paper at Web3D conference in Los Angeles – 24th International ACM Conference on 3D Web Graphics and Interactive Technology. The talk will be on use of Microsoft HoloLens and augmented reality in viewing large sensor data sets.
– teaching on the UNSW Master of City Analytics – geocomputation, network theory, centrality measures, flows in Python and geospatial workflow management (FME).

July 2019 – presenting a paper and a poster at 16th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM) in Wuhan, China:
1) Computational urban transport performance monitoring – visualisation of high-volume, longitudinal transport sensor data with rapid 3D web graphics libraries.
2) A framework for the design and evaluation of effective participatory urban data platforms – twelve key components [Poster]

June 2019 – presenting two papers at 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics (ICUI) in Hong Kong:
1) HoloCity – visual analytics of real-time and massive passively-collected spatiotemporal urban sensor data in augmented reality,
2) UrbanAI – developing machine learning approaches and interfaces to support the planning and delivery of transport and housing in Sydney.

April, May 2019
1) Awarded Smart Cities Conference, Melbourne – Young Smart Innovator of the Year
2) Participatory design workshops for UrbanAI and accessibility research
3) Teaching for the UNSW Master of City Analytics. See Programmable Cities and Digital Cities.