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This is my personal research and project blog, where I seek to share advances in urban planning thinking through both rapidly emerging data science and visualisation techniques. I share code, tutorials, conference material and, occasionally, words. Topics range from transport,  computational geography, accessibility, mapping, modelling and making. Welcome, and enjoy!

Recent Updates:


February 2020

1) Book Chapter published in Handbook of Planning Support Science: The Making of a Mega-region: Evaluating and Proposing Long-term Transport Planning Strategies with Open-source Data and Transport Accessibility Tools

January 2020

1) Thesis article submitted for review (new method for visualisation of big transport performance datasets). See Abstract in Projects section.

2) Beginning final thesis project on bicycle planning public participation.

3) Co-author on paper submitted for review – history and case studies of big data used in transport & land-use planning.

December 2019

1) Thesis article submitted for review (automated versus non-automated feedback on transport network). See Abstract in Projects section.

2) Preliminary development work for Value Australia project.

November 2019

1) Attending SIGGRAPH Asia in Brisbane. See post.

2) Presenting & attending at VRCAI 2019 in Brisbane. See post.  View paper.

3) Article published “Visualising population distribution in Australia over time using rapid 3d web graphics libraries” in Australian Population Studies.

4) Teaching on the UNSW Master of City Analytics – Geodesign  – See photos of final workshop

September / October 2019

1) Analytics work for PhD thesis major projects. See Projects section.

2) Preliminary development work for Value Australia project.

3) Teaching on the UNSW Master of City Analytics – Geodesign 

4) Developing Future Cities CRC website 

August 2019
1) Presenting paper at Web3D conference in Los Angeles – 24th International ACM Conference on 3D Web Graphics and Interactive Technology. The talk will be on use of Microsoft HoloLens and augmented reality in viewing large sensor data sets.</br/>

2) Teaching on the UNSW Master of City Analytics – geocomputation, network theory, centrality measures, flows in Python and geospatial workflow management (FME).

3) Article published – A review and reframing of participatory urban dashboards

July 2019 – presenting a paper and a poster at 16th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM) in Wuhan, China:
1) Computational urban transport performance monitoring – visualisation of high-volume, longitudinal transport sensor data with rapid 3D web graphics libraries.
2) A framework for the design and evaluation of effective participatory urban data platforms – twelve key components [Poster]

June 2019 – presenting two papers at 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics (ICUI) in Hong Kong:
1) HoloCity – visual analytics of real-time and massive passively-collected spatiotemporal urban sensor data in augmented reality,
2) UrbanAI – developing machine learning approaches and interfaces to support the planning and delivery of transport and housing in Sydney.

April, May 2019
1) Awarded Smart Cities Conference, Melbourne – Young Smart Innovator of the Year
2) Participatory design workshops for UrbanAI and accessibility research
3) Teaching for the UNSW Master of City Analytics. See Programmable Cities and Digital Cities.