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Bus flows in Processing


This visualisation was created as part of a short exercise for a digital visualisation module of my current studies.

It was coded in the software/language Processing . The challenge of this task was making sure each bus was
treated as an individual object/agent and creating a global timer that dictates not only where but when the object appears there.

Visualising this movement was also a challenge – as without trails of the previous bus movement it just looked like a twinkling display of unrelated dots. Using unique colours to identify buses was an alternative idea, but resulted in a bit of cognitive overload. It has here ended up to include very slight differences in shade of blue for each bus. The technique used here seem to be particularly effective on the edges of the city, and it becomes less effective when there is a high density of buses clustered near each other.

Another interesting experiment was drawing uniquely coloured lines as the bus progresses along its route.