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Recent Projects

Long-term strategic transport modelling, visualisation and network analysis for all major Australian cities 2014-16

Curating interactive results of transport model results across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth as part of a series of long-term forecasting reports for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.  Streamlined outputs into interactive Google Earth (3D) and CartoDB outputs.

2016-07-11 14_46_25-Brisbane TT to CBD

2016-07-11 14_45_41-SYD 2011 Base Traffic

Melbourne, where are we going? GovHack Melbourne Entry 2015

‘Melbourne, where are we going?’ is an interactive web visualisation platform that allows the user to explore the relationship between both transport and housing in Victoria.

This won several awards at GovHack 2015 – including the Victorian State Government Data Challenge Award, Best Use of Interdisciplinary Data Award and was runner-up for the National Best Policy Insights Hack.


‘Big’ transport data analysis & visualisation of San Francisco UCL Master’s dissertation, 2014


Book chapter:

Thakuriah, P., Tilahun, N., and Zellner, M. (2016) Seeing Cities Through Big Data: Research Methods and Applications in Urban Informatics.Springer: New York. (In Press)

Conference presentations:

A Big Data Mashing Tool for Measuring Transit System Performance
Gregory Erhardt, Oliver Lock, Elsa Arcaute and Michael Batty, University College London, UK.
Presented at the Big Data and Urban Informatics Conference, Chicago 2014.

Keeping track – the fusion of large, automatically-collected transport data in capturing long-term system change
Oliver Lock, Gregory Erhardt
Presented at the Australian Institute of Traffic/Transport Planning and Management Conference, Brisbane 2015.

City of Culture – Interactive 3D Map of London and cultural data using three.js UCL Master’s major assignment


Lightweight, virtual, 3D browser-based model of London overlayed with cultural data mined from Wikipedia. Also explored the concept of embedding VR technologies into the browser (Oculus Rift).



cityss2-1024x533 (1)

City of Culture – Visualisation of V&A Museum artefacts in D3.jsUCL Master’s major assignment

Interactive visualisation of the global and temporal spread of artefacts in the V&A museum, covering ancient, postclassical, early modern, mid-modern and contemporary pieces.


2016-07-11 14_31_02-London's Global Cultural Influence

A multivariate UK Census data-mashing tool using R – Gentrification in London example UCL Master’s major assignment